About Us

Signal Not Noise is a boutique agency focused on performance marketing. We create custom strategies for each of our clients based on their individual goals. Our team of award-winning marketers knows what it takes to get real results online. We will focus on your business-specific goals and metrics, to move your business forward through lead-generation, revenue, and custom marketing.

What sets us apart is...

our commitment to transparency. We communicate all processes and findings with our clients, giving you the comfort and security of knowing where your investments are being used; while gaining insight into your custom made marketing strategy. Our passion is helping businesses reach their goals: this is why Signal Not Noise is known for business-driven digital marketing.

Contact us to start a customized marketing strategy that is better for you, your needs, and your goals vs. the old "cookie-cutter" approach.

Timothy Davis

Founder and Principal Consultant

“Few can match Tim’s dedication to excellence. Tim is proof that if one wants a top-tier work product, the way to ensure that reality is to learn, lead, and labor with great diligence. He possesses a calm, level-headed approach, yet underneath that is a drive to win and to be the best. He’s good enough to be his platform. Though, his passion is contagious, as is that of any true leader. No matter his role, he will set the bar.” - Shan Simmons

This is one of the many recommendations about me, not only does it highlight my philosophy and ability, but also my drive. Growing I had one dream; to become a major league baseball player. But when you realize that you have a below-average throwing arm and are slower than a manatee, you adjust. Today, while I’m still an avid baseball fan, I found a way to put that love into my work, mainly through numbers. I have a track record of over 20 years of making the impossible possible through onsite and offsite optimization. Whether it’s paid media, social media, blog, website, newsletter, or more, increasing revenue while decreasing costs is essential. That’s where we come in!


A custom quality experience is what our clients want

Signal Not Noise is not your run-of-the-mill, "cookie-cutter" marketing agency. Our custom approach allows us to identify all of your business marketing necessities, saving time and money. Whether your business is big or small, our goal is to exceed your marketing needs and expectations. Without all of the extra superfluous premium packaging strategies and random costs of other agencies. Signal Not Noise promises to deliver quality over quantity.


Make your business's marketing efficient and effective

Signal Not Noise works closely with clients to create custom and effective strategies with full transparency. Our dedication to creating an efficient and effective marketing strategy will show you exactly where your capital is flowing, while effectively bringing in more customers and increasing profits. We set goals to maximize your business marketing ROI and create more user traffic. Contact us to start your 4 phase consultation: Discovery, Audit, Delivery, and Execution.


We find the Signal in the Noise

SEO, paid media, media buys, retargeting, CRO, analytics, and user journey. All of these channels generate numerous data points, making an abundance of noise. Unfortunately, this noise tends to be the focus of many business marketing ventures. Our goal is to filter through all the noise, avoid unnecessary measures, and find the best metrics -- effectively finding the signal in the noise. Whether for a small business or big business, we’ll work with you to boost the exact metrics that drive your business forward.


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